March into Summer

DSC_0269Hello! Its now summer in Dubai! Time to bring out the skirts, loose pants and sandals! Last weekend, I dragged the hubby for a friday dinner date to The Beach, at Jumeirah JBR. At first, I wasnt’t too sure about even posting this series of photos taken over the weekend. My dad saw this photo of me on facebook a couple of days ago and he just had to comment “donyang donya” which roughly translated into English means “matronly”. I doubt that my dad knows anything about fashion nowadays, but his comment did make rethink whether this outfit is making me look old. Anyhow, the outfit is as follows: purple top from Zara, pants from Stradivarious, sandals from DVF, Lanvin-inspired love necklace from Etsy, sunnies, clutch, bangle and cuff from Celine.DSC_0264DSC_0313DSC_0276  DSC_0285DSC_0337DSC_0339DSC_0345DSC_0359Sometimes I really do feel old, I am 33 after all! No longer a spring chicken as my mom would say. Nevertheless, Im glad for what I have now and my life is not perfect but Im very fulfilled. Im blessed to be juggling multiple roles in my life: art director, artist, wife, and now blogger. Just realized that my blog is now 4 months old and still kicking! Hopefully, you see more content and better written features from me in the future! Till next!


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